By the year 2049, Empire Earth is ruled by an the richest man in the world. The social class order is based on wealth. The government is filled with secrets. A Hospitality Fanatic Rule Enforcer, in service at Hotel Lockup, encounters the child, Echo Loveblood, who is a SEER and makes him question his identity. Echo, like all Earthlings, is given free will, but those who do not obey the rules are labeled Garbage. CLICK SUBSCRIBE ABOVE TO  GET YOUR FREE COPY OF MR. HOSPITALITY!

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Book 1 of the Epic Series, GARBAGE
My name is Echo Loveblood and I am a CREEP ARTIST. 
I wanted Democracy, but you gave me an EMPEROR of EARTH. 
I wanted no attention, but you branded me with a SHUNNING SYMBOL.

I am a Seer, and I paint murals and grafitti that foretell the future. 
I SEE things that scare even the EMPEROR OF EARTH.
I wanted to paint in sunlight, 
but I can only be myself in the NYC Underground, wild and free.  

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        What I'm Writing

Book 3 of the Epic Series, GARBAGE
My name is Valentin Valentino and I am the ​VICE-EMPEROR’S SON.
 I wanted individuality, but you chased me with ​BEHAVIOR DRONES. 
I wanted fairness, not ​FANATIC RULE ENFORCERS. 
I wanted free will, but you gave me ​DEMERITS. 
I wanted to be free, but you thew me in ​LOCKUP. 
I’m not sorry that I drink and self-medicate. 
You dole out pain simply because I am Garbage.